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Automatic, 12/12, or 18/6


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I received some auto seeds of cheese in my last order can it stay under 18/6 with my mothers/ seedlings/ clones or does it need 12/12. I understand the ressesive trait is there with the cross breeding and apart of its genetics want the 12/12 but if it's not a dominate trait will this light cycle (18/6) effect it negatively. This being an auto, can it be reveged or is it programmed to die because of ruderalis?........ I just thought about that probably not since it's veg cycle shuts down to focus on bud production near the end of its cycle..... Well one question down. Also since there is limited time starting it in a larger pot so no transplant/ slowed growth recommended?


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One of my autos after 8 weeks on an 18/6 cycle
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