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Best way to go autos


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I have been out of this for years so it's great to have a place like this to help out. I have to apologize for all the questions.
I am growing a couple blue mammoth autos, should I keep them in the closet under CFLs & LED? Or move them outside to grow naturally? What will give me a better yield?


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Hi toolman Im a noob and dont know too much but were in the world are you? Is it hot long days? If yeah then outdoors should be fine but why not do 1 inside 1 outside and see wich way works out best and produces better yield I'm currently doing some royal creamatic autos in a box with cfl's there almost finished tommorw is week8 and il be updating my journal But next week I'm ordering some royal dwarfs and I'm guna do 1 in my box 1 in my window as alittle experiment. :thumb:
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