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BluRiff's Outdoor Multi-Strain Mystery Grow Journal - 2014


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BluRiff here with a big HIGH ALL !! Yes I'm new here but not new to our favorite girl MaryJane :)
I'm looking forward to being part of the 420magazine's family...This will be my first grow journal but not my first grow...I know a little but never enough... so Please feel free to chime in with any Information, Comments, Suggestions, Observations, Directions, Guidance, Ideas, Insights, Input or Output...Enlighten me...

... Pull up a chair, spark one up and let me know what you think ! Hey that's why we're here :yummy:
.....And now we return to the current program already in progress......

Forward: In June I recieved a donation from a friend of a friend of 6 baby plants and a week or so later 10 more (16 altogether) with the explaination that some of the babies were from seed and some from clones and that due to a mix up they might not be tagged with the correct strain name or had no tag at all but these were the strains he was growing.So it's kind of a happy mystery and i'm still very grateful for them ! By the time i sexed them all i ended up with 7 girls...this is their story......

Welcome to BluRiff's Outdoor Multi Strain Mystery Grow Journal-2014.........

What strain is it?
Power Skunk, Dead Head OG, LSD, Violator kush, ?

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?
PowerSkunk = Indica/Sativa (Northern Lights x Skunk #1 x Power Plant)
DeadHead OG = 60/40 Sativa/Indica ('91Chemdawg X SFV OG)
Violator kush = Indica Dominant (Malana/Hindu Kush)
LSD = Hybrid/Indica Dominant (Mazar x Skunk #1)

Flowering type ?
PowerSkunk = Photoperiod, 45/55 days
DeadHead OG = Photoperiod, 55/65 days
LSD = Photoperiod, 55/65 days
Violator Kush = Photoperiod, 55/65 days

Is it in Veg or Flower stage? = Flower
For how long? August 24th i started bloom nutrients.

Indoor or outdoor? = Outdoor/+Containers

Soil or Hydro? = Soil
What is in your mix? = FoxFarms OceanForest and HappyFrog, 2 to 1 ratio
What size pot? = four 17x18x24,two 20x18,one 14x14x15 and Raisedbeds
Size of light? = the Sun
Is it aircooled? = ha ! yes,by mother nature
Type and strength of ferts used?
Veg = FoxFarmsTrio- 3Tbls BigBloom ,3/4tsp GrowBig per gal of tap water through a britta filtration system,(also a little fish emulsion on occasion).
Flower = FoxFarmsTrio- 3tsp BigBloom ,0/2tsp GrowBig ,2/3tsp TigerBloom,1tsp Blackstrap Molasses per gallon of filtered water.

How often are you watering? = 1/2 gallon once a day +(as needed)
How often are you feeding? = every other watering so every other day.

Hang tight and I'll do my best to update my posts to the point i'm at now.

Thanks for looking in ! :welcome:


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the 1st 5 babies, 2 tagged as PowerSkunk, 1 "LSG" im assuming its supposed to be "lsd" and 2 with no names. Im not sure how long they sat around but were very root bound so I waited till they were on the dry side and with a tooth pick or similar object loosened the soil up till it falls away being carful not to rip any of the roots,making it much easier to untangle in return minimizes stress. I then re-potted them in 6inch nursery pots with foxfarms happyfrog soil.... due to my health they sat like this for a few weeks but had nice roots :).


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ok fast forward 3 weeks it's June 26th and i've transplanted from the nursery pots (the roots looked much better) into final pots, 4 into the 17x18x24 (2 1/2 cubic foot) redwood planters on castors and 1 into a 14x14x15 (aprox 1 1/4 cf ?) redwood planter, All filled with the foxfarm oceanforest/happyfrog mix.
i've had these plants for 26 days and their starting to come around. no pictures of the 5th one on the deck but its looking better also.....i love these redwood containers on wheels I built. being abe to move them from one side of the yard in the morning to the other side to get the sun all the way to sunset. And I can move them into my garage or onto the patio at night if i needed. :peace:


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nothing new happening just a growth update.. sorry about the low quality pict's, nothin' special to see anyway lol....
July 4th

July 6th

July 6th

July 16th

July 16th

2nd batch of babies

2nd batch of babies in 6 inch nursery pots

starting to show a little better growth in pictures 5 & 6 YEAH !! :smokin:

David Bowman

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