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Hello all... new....obviously.....

anyways i was originally on here to look for co-ops, but ive found so much more information!

Anyone have any advice on how to use this damn site? There are so many buttons and clicky things and drop confuzzled.


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Oh hey, thanks everyone! Everyone in this community is so nice!

...must be all the pot....

...tho i smoke an awful lot and still manage to be an ass....hmm....maybe i should go do some more research on that ^_~

Oh and 420- kudos on the FAQ im checking it out now


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wow you took my word,
and i love dragons this is absurd.
your confuzzled,
and im puzzled,
who are you,
how do you do?
welcome indeed,
pull up a chair and lets smoke some weed...


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hmm... i dont know about everyone maybe about 95 percent, theres a few very rough characters running around too LOL just sayin =)


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What, Dank? You dare question the mighty God of lightening? Just for that im taking out your crispy hot dog commin' up....

Anyways, Zeus is on suspension, he failed a drug test.....hehe...


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welcome dragonflower:3: great to have you here. hope you hang out with us for a while. if you need any help just ask:smokin:


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....aboard?...This isnt like the titanic or anything right? Cuz i got too much shit to do to die any time soon......

...And yeah, i've been asking up a storm....heh, kinda why i had to sign up in the first place....~_~;
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