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Brownies Butter or Oil?


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I got some brownie mix was gonna throw a half ounce of mids and some trim. the mix calls for 2 tablespoons of water, a 1/2 cup of oil, and 2 eggs. Me and my friends were debating what is better to extract the weed, oil, or butter. If butter is better how much should we use? thanks for the info ahead of time.


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Butter, is best, I say get rid of the boxed brownies, and bake cookies that call for a cup of butter, or atleast a half a cup. I like to make peanut butter cookies, they seem to work best, and they taste great, ( not cookies from a box, homemade cookies.)I dont like herb in my food, it gets stuck in my teeth and feels funny in my mouth. Here is my recipe for killer butter every time, and the herb needs to be up to stuff.
Cheese cloth
1 very large pot
2oz of good trim, and little nugs
1lb of real butter, salted, unsalted, your choice
8 cups of water, use more, or less water, make sure weed in covered with water. Depends on amount of weed used.
Put water, weed, and butter in to pot, Heat to a boil, turn down heat to low, and simmer for atleast 2 hours, just keep it low, and slow.
when done simmering, ( this must be done while water, butter mixture is still hot.) get a strainer, like for pasta, line it in cheese cloth, be sure to leave extra cloth, so it hangs over the sides of the strainer, also be sure to cover entire strainer, over lapping cheese cloth, atleast two to three times.
Place strainer in to large bowl, be sure that bowl, or pot, or whatever is much larger than the strainer, with enough room for the liquid. Place cheese cloth covered strainer in side larger bowl, now laddel the mixture in to the strainer, dont over fill strainer, you will more than likely have to repeat this step a few times,let mixture drain threw cheese cloth, now gather up the extra cheese cloth hangin over the strainer, make like a little coin purse, and gently squeeze till no more liquid comes out, throw away the weed you just sqeezed, repeat till entire pot has been strained threw cheese cloth, try not to let the herb itself get in to the finished product, only the liquid. put strained liquid in to the fridge over night.
In the mornning simply break top layer in to large chunks, the larger the better, place in to container. There ya have it, knock ya on your booty
Mendo butter. Use it on toast, pasta, baking, whatever you like.
Good Luck, and happy munchies.
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