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Buddha's Sister and Grapefruit


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Strain (Name):GrapeFruit
Location:San Francisco
Price: $14 gram
Taste: Unbelievably sour, it is somewhat surprising how sour it tastes just like it smells. It's in a good way I was just surprised heh.
High:Very up and buzzy giddy high.
Appearance: Small dense nugs pale green streaked with bright green, little orange hairs here and thereish
Texture (Dense/Airy/etc...): Dense fluff that is extremely sticky and easy to tear apart.
Smell: Very sour fruity smell, pretty pungent and sour.
Overall: 9/10
Additional Comments: Very enjoyable high and enjoyable smoke through and through a fun strain.

Strain (Name): Buddha's Sister
Location: San Francisco
Price: $16 gram
Taste: A kind of firey spicy taste to it.
High: An up but mellow high that kind of flows with music.
Appearance: Round green buds coverd with wirey orange hairs that make it seem to have an orange hue viewed from a few feet away.
Texture (Dense/Airy/etc...): Sticky and dense
Smell: A mellow spice aroma
Overall: 8/10
Additional Comments: An up and laid back but enjoyable around people or at a party.

thats been what I have been up to the past couple of days, and even got to smoke some hash oil when I picked these up in the club. Hopefully tomorrow I will have some more stuff to review and will be back :439:


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Buddha's Sister
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lookin good, mmmmmmmm i love grape fruit, does it taste alot like grape fruit. . . i've never had any fruity strain. . . not even blueberry. . . so i have no idea what the flavor is like, or how intence it is

edit, lol never mind, i saw it in the strain repor. . . i skipped over the flavor i guess, oops
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