CA: Grover Beach Moves Forward With Plan For Medical Marijuana Zone

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The city of Grover Beach is considering forming a 70-acre industrial zone to allow for medical marijuana storefronts, cultivation nurseries, testing labs and delivery centers.

The zone would be located south of Farroll Road, north of Highland Way, east of South 4th Street and west of South 13th Street. This zone would only include businesses dealing in medical marijuana, not recreational marijuana.

The city planning commission held a public comment on the matter Wednesday night, during which supporters and opponents of the proposed zone spoke out.

"If this is passed, they will get four dispensaries. There will be cultivation location, distribution, lab testing. It will be a full-fledged cannabis environment here," said Cynthia Gonzalez of Elite Care California.

"It's great for the state. It's great revenue and local taxes. It's great for local taxes. For municipalities to get ahead of this and implement ordinances and taxes is fantastic and will improve the city," said Aaron Sweat, a Grover Beach business owner, referencing the city's voter-approved five-percent tax on medical marijuana sales.

"The crime is a huge concern. The smell is a huge concern. It's just appropriate to have cannabis groves right around a performing arts academy and a gymnastics school," said Kathy Schultz, who runs Coastal Dance and Music Academy in a building located within the proposed zone.

"I'm not excited about the prospect of four retail recreational marijuana dispensaries in our quite often dark, commercial zone over there," said business owner Tom Richardson.

Staff recommended that the planning commission forward the action to the city council. Public comment will also be heard at that meeting, which is tentatively planned for February 6.


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