CA: New Cannabis Policies Still In The Works In Santa Barbara

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How the sale of recreational cannabis takes place in Santa Barbara is still at the center of a policy debate.

The city ordinance committee, made up of three members of the City Council, discussed the issue for more than an hour today before sending it on to planners.

The hearing included talk of store front dispensaries, or special sites where deliveries could take place.

Ordinance committee member and councilman Randy Rowse said land use issues will be at the center of the next hearing. "About dispensaries, what type, how many what positions, if they are going to be there or not. This is teeing that entire subject up for the land use issues," he said.

There are three medicinal marijuana sites permitted already in the city and one of those has been appealed.

The city planners will discuss cannabis policies later this month.

Many other cities in California are holding similar hearings to have local guidelines in place as the state policies kick in.

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