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Cameron In Legalise Dope Call


DAVID Cameron yesterday backed calls to legalise cannabis for medical use.

The Tory leader insisted he was against the full legalisation of "dope" - widely seen as a gateway drug to heroin and cocaine.

But he said: "If it could be proved there are real medicinal benefits and scientific evidence for it, my decision would be to license it."

His comments will be welcomed by campaigners who claim cannabis can ease symptoms of conditions including multiple sclerosis.

But Cameron's views on his "Webcameron" website will infuriate Tory traditionalists.

One senior Tory MP said: "Drugs are at the root of so much crime that we should not support any easing of the law. If the law is relaxed in any way, it will be exploited by criminals to sell drugs to vulnerable young people."

Cameron's stance comes after JPs last year called for stiffer penalties for cannabis users and dealers.

Source: Sunday Mirror (UK)
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