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Cameron Might Allow Cannabis For Medical Use


David Cameron would consider legalising cannabis for medicinal use if he becomes Prime Minister.

In a video message on his internet site webcameron, the Conservative Party leader said that he would be "guided by the science and evidence".

Responding to a question posed by a visitor to the website, he said: "If it could be proved there was a real medicinal benefit I would be relaxed by that.

"Politicians should be guided by the science and evidence and we should make the decision.

"My decision would be to license it if we can prove the medicinal benefits."

But Mr Cameron was firm on his stance that cannabis should not be legalised for recreational use.

He said: "It is right that it's criminal because if you decriminalise you increase the availability and make it more difficult for parents who are trying to keep their children away from drugs."

Source: Daily Telegraph (UK)
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