Cannabis and Pain by Malka

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Cannabis and Pain by Malka​

I am a chronic pain victim with intense nerve damage from a car accident almost four years ago. I take various pain medications and antidepressants, but they give me relief only for a short time. Occasionally in the past year I have been able to find some marihuana, and it has given me much more relief than any of the many pills I take daily. Unfortunately, it's difficult to find, as my friends do not smoke and most likely look down upon it. Most of the time I spend crying from the pain. I would do anything I could to help legalize this miraculous herb.

As a writer, I have noticed that marihuana is useful in editing whatever work is ongoing, while alcohol is useless and confuses the process. Marihuana is beneficial, I believe, precisely because it increases the focus needed for effective editing. Neither marihuana nor alcohol is helpful in doing the actual writing in my experience.

Hope this is of use. Although God knows there's nothing scientific about it.

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