Chronic Pain by Tracy

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Chronic Pain by Tracy​

I am a 33-year-old married mother of two who was involved in a horrible automobile accident in February 1998. I sustained severe injuries to the entire left side of my head and am lucky to be alive. Since the accident I have experienced severe headaches to which the doctors can find no answer. At times the pain is so intense that I have no other alternative but to use marihuana. It is the only relief that I have found. I have tried morphine and Demerol, but no relief. When I use marihuana, I have some relief and can at least function. I use it only at night before I go to bed, because I am afraid that I will go to jail otherwise. I live in a town where officials do not believe in the medicinal uses of marihuana. My psychotherapist is aware of my problem and what I am using as medicine, and she understands and approves. The only problem is obtaining the marihuana. I am not a person who knows people who sell the stuff.

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