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Cannabis and the flu

Lord Indica

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Indica dominant strains like God Bud or Afgooey are amazing at taking away flu symptoms! I consume it after heating it to 190º on the stove top. It works fantastic! Heat it for 10-15 min let it cool and enjoy. I was so sick I couldn't smoke and when I did this, it was a miracle. Sativa dominant strains are not as good or at least my NYPD wasn't. Be warned, ingesting it this way makes you feel really good. Use a small stainless steal ramekin, place it in a pan and heat it. You will notice some bubbles, that is the chemical reaction called decarboxylation.(It activates the THC) That is when it (your nugs) drops a molecule and turns into THC. Now your concoction is activated and ready for consumption. Fresh bud tastes the best and all of it tastes different. Let me know if any of you have had any experience with this. I truly can't believe what a miracle it was with helping me with the flu.:cough:

Here is what I do:
I grind up around 4 grams (I am a very heavy user) you may only need 1 gram.
I use Indica dominant strains
I use a small amount of olive oil or flax seed oil but peanut oil or just about any other oil will work
I place it in a stainless steal ramekin like the ones you get at the restaurant to dip your steak in Au jus.
When it has been on the heat for around 10 min I remove and let it cool.
I drink it like a shot. Chew it up and swallow. Wash it down with orange juice. Or whatever your fav is.
If your feeling sick it will go away in about an hour and a half.
I have done this twice and it worked both times.

So just an FYI, I am a heavy cannabis user and the amount of herb you use should be governed by your knowledge of your own bodies limits and requirements. I am not a doctor (I don't even play one on TV) I am just a weed connoisseur that got the flu. I hope my experiment helps you too. Peace.
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