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Cannabis Losing Its Appeal ?

Jim Finnel

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A new study has found a third of young Australians think using cannabis is unacceptable, and the majority believe it is a dangerous drug.

The report by the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre has found half of people think cannabis can lead to schizophrenia and depression.

It also found half of people under 30 have friends who use cannabis, but a third of those surveyed find the practice unacceptable.

The centre's Paul Dillon says marijuana is becoming uncool amongst young people, and that is mainly to do with education campaigns.

"We're not focussing on the long-term health effects or even necessarily the psychological effects, we're looking more at the social impacts, the way that it will affect your relationship, how will it affect your financial situation - these are the things young people really relate to," he said.

Mr Dillon says there is a sense the drug is anti-social.

"I think we've done a pretty good job of educating, particularly young people, that getting stoned is not a particularly fun thing to do," he said.

The Federal Government says the figures are proof its war on drugs is working.

Assistant Health Minister Christopher Pyne says Government education campaigns are having an effect.

"Obviously the tough on drugs message has been getting through and the link between mental health and cannabis has been getting through, and I think that's a very positive step," he said.

"This report confirms what many of us had been hoping for a long time, that young people themselves are recognising the dangers of cannabis."

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As a disclaimer, I don't really know squat about Australians, but I've always considered them at least a little bit cooler than the US (but who isn't, right?). However...

1) The supposed survey was taken by a government agency who will probably turn around pretty soon and use it as evidence that what they're doing is working, and please give them more funding. Biased? Maybe a little.

2) Half of people under 30 know somebody who uses cannabis, and 1/3 find it unacceptable? 1/3 of the general population, or 1/3 of the people-who-know-people-who-smoke-pot population? If it's the former, then it's entirely possible that that 1/3 is in the 1/2 that doesn't know anybody who smokes. And if it's the later, that still means that 2/3 of people who know somebody who smokes pot finds is perfectly acceptable.

3) They seem to be entirely too worried about how well "their message is getting through" rather than broadcasting the right message. "We say pot isn't fun to do, now people think that!" Well, thats just dandy, but hey, pot IS fun to do. "We say marijuana leads to schizophrenia and depression, and now half the population think it does!" Wow, awesome... but it doesn't. Then they end with "young people themselves are recognizing the dangers of cannabis" when they just got done saying "the tough on drugs message ... has been getting through.

Sorry for the mini rant there. I've had a rough night with weed-related arguments and needed a chance to unload without being interrupted. Have a good one, everybody.
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