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Cannabis Under Pressure!


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Been wandering around the web and bumping into a few fourms, threads webpages detailing how other people had been using this machine ( Instant Pot ) to either Decarb, Cook, Infuse or otherwise invent and/or improve or experiment with transforming Cannabis into an "other" product to consume for a multiple of reasons.

So quickly I convinced myself I need one too haha!

Off to Walmart and picked up the Instant Pot Lux 30 series model for $112.00 CAD tax include. Reg price was $139.99 plus tax!

Good thing Im at Walmart to take advantage of this near $40 savings.



So we are aiming for decarboxylation as typical believed to be 240°F for 40 mins inside a convection oven.

The LUX 80 Series IP runs from 235°F to 244°F at 11.7 PSI "this model doesn't have a low/med/high setting" its a set max rated PSI built into it.

As far as I understand its going to take 110 minutes on this at this PSI setting to achieve decarboxylation.

Goal: Decarboxylation of Cannabis without stinkin up the place and to experiment, invent or improve different methods to make "other" products either for topical or internal usage.

I did a test batch of Cannabis Capsules and this is how I went about it.

*15 Grams of Home grown "likely med grade herp" and choped it up
*Placed in mason jar
*Pored liquid Coconut oil over it to cover the herbs
*Put the lid attachments on it loosely
*Wire rake inside bottom of IP
*Filled IP with 2 cups of water
*Placed Mason jar on rack
*Closed lid
*Power on 110 mins (The LUX 80 Series IP runs from 235°F to 244°F on the high pressure setting 11.7 PSI )

When finished, open vent valve, removed lid, strained herb from liquid, placed in fridge till solid and then rewarmed in microwave, stired well and filled 50 size "0" capsules when the liquid was warm.

In the future, I will only allow the machine to cool down on its own without releasing the vent valve, this possibly may allow for a better decarb based on some reading I did.

Honestly I read a few pages on this forum, some from others, some from google searches and a few videos on this subject, this Is why I haven't made links to other peoples threads as I have been learning from various sources.

Hopefully this thread will detail some step by step how to guides or receipes for everyone to take advantage of.

Feel free to comment and add to the subject!

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Try it for 2hrs

Cool on its own, then run it again for 2hrs

Best results I've had yet is this process

Also place loose tinfoil over the jar lid to let moisture escape but none get it. I use a metal mixing bowl myself

Chris Scorpio

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The point is full decarb and infusion

Then you test the oil, small dose, then bigger if needed

Every strain is different, so don't start with a tablespoon in yer coffee, unless u like passing out, then by all means do it
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