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sooo, my options are kinda limited when it comes to edibles because i don't eat gluten (wheat, flour, etc) and i found some gluten free cupcake mix so i want to make cupcakes. the recipe calls for 1/3 cup of melted butter. the thing is, there will only be about 5 of us, so i was thinking of halving the recipe, because the box will probably make 2 dozen cupcakes which is way too many for us to eat them all. so my question(s) is to the experienced cannibakers, would you just make the whole box? and if so, how much weed should i use? originally i was thinking 5 - 6 grams but now it's looking like i'll need a lot more. if i make 1/3 c. of cannibutter, i'll probably need more like 10 - 12 g, right? which is another reason i was thinking of cutting the recipe in half. and if i don't cut it in half, do i need to let the butter solidify before re-melting it for the recipe? (gluten free things are weird... hence the recipe calling for melted butter instead of softened)

thanks yall!
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