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cfl's questions?


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1. what spectrum does a cfl light that is 26wts=100wts, 1800 lumens but is says general purpose,so is it blue, or red or orange??

2. i also have a 2 40wt bulbs what spectrum does this bulb have blue, red or orange ?

3. can i use them for cloning??

4. how can i clone in dirt?( i have not successfully cloned yet, i've taking over 30 clones still no luck)

5.can i use a plastic bag over my planting pot, cause i don't have a humidome??

6. are the cfl's in walmart, k-mart and all over, the same ones to grow with or do i need to go elsewhere??


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Re: cfl's questions???

He is absolutly correct about the heat from these bulbs. . . I have 10 of them, and it can get pretty warm in my cab without good ventilation. CFL's are great for clones actually. . . use the blue spectrum's for vegging. As for a bag over your babe in lue of a dome. . .I don't know, never tried it, but I don't see how it could work well. . . I wouldn't want the bag touching the plant anywhere. Ok, cloning:

The following steps are from the flowering clones I use. . . the steps are the same for any clones. . . I have a 99.9 sucess rate for my clones. . . I have only lost one, and that particular clone, had tried crushing the base of the stem, as opposed to scrapping the stem for the root hormone.

Posted 5/13/07 From: Bagz Grow Journal

I'll be pulling 2 clones from This lady right here. . . B

She's about 3 weeks into flowering, and I'm looking for some good candidates for clones. . .

This is good, 3 nodes of growth. . .

Cut right down to the main stem. . .

Should look something like this. . .

I remove the bottom set of leaves and gently scrap some of the skin at the base of the cutting. . . not really trying to cut into the stem. .

Just wet and dip the stem into some cheap rooting hormone. . lol. . but seriously, tap the stem to shake off any excess. . . and then just stick it in some soil. . .

Just place into veg cycle, I keep a good distance from the light for the first couple of days. . . Then I progressivly get closer with the lights. . .

End. . .

30 clones, and not one made it? Did you use a rooting hormone? How old was the plant you took the cutting from?

Bagz :peace:


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Re: cfl's questions???

so soft white is for flowering right??


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Re: cfl's questions???

thanks stoner4life
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