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Clean for 2.5 months, just smoked 1 joint...accidentally (kinda)

Bazooka Tooth

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So I used to be a pretty frequent smoker about a year ago. It was summer and I still had a year of college left so I was smoking every day, probably an 1/8th a week. 6 months ago I cut back a lot. Didn't smoke at all for around a month, then started some light smoking (maybe a gram a week) towards the end of my semester. Early May I quit because I know I will have to look for work. Now its July 14th, I've been clean for 2.5 months, and I was in the mood for a cigarette. So I went to steal one from my mom's purse. Couldn't find a pack and all i found was half a cig, with the filter, with the end twisted like a joint. Since my mom smokes weed with her friends, I figured they just emptied out the first half of the cig for the tobacco to roll a splif with. So i take the cig thinking its only tobacco, light it up and inhale. WELP, I realized immediately that it was not tobacco as I exhaled. At that point I had to make a decision. Put it out or just finish it. Figured that since I had already taken a hit it was already in my system so I might as well just finish it. So i smoked about half a joint last night. I have an interview next week sometime. The hiring process takes a while, I still would have to interview -> have them consider -> accept me -> drug test me. So I have some time on my hands.

Here are more details about myself:
I am overweight, I weigh about 225 lbs and am 5'11. I have been fat my entire life. In high school I weighed 313 lbs. I exercise regularly (5-6 days a week), either a 2 mile run, or a 9 mile bike ride. I don't know my exact % body fat, but I'm going to assume its on the high side. So to sum it all up.

1. 2.5 months clean
2. half join smoked
3. drug test in ~ 1 month I would assume

I know there is no exact formula. But here is my other problem: I just recently met a girl. Long story short she wants me to come by tonight to smoke and watch a movie. I would really like to go, and since I already fucked up last night, how much worse off would I be if I just smoke say another bowl tonight and go cold turkey tomorrow?


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Well Bazooka,

There are a lot of factors that can play into this. Smoking habit, potency, ect. Now from what I have read, if you've only been smoking about a gram a week, I wouldn't be too concerned. That is a pretty miniscule amount compared to many smokers on here who consume up to 2grams a day. Which was my habit lol. It took me about 2 months to be clean after smoking fairly heavily for years. A joint and a small bowl probably would be out in a week or 2 with added dilution. But the biggest question is, why risk it? You've gone this long without smoking it, why not just wait until you get a job and then enjoy it? I am all for subbing in a pinch, but if you know you will probably need to take a test for a job and have the time, be smart. Just my 2 cents.


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You'll propabably be in good shape in a month. Just keep exercising and eating a high fiber diet. 3 days before the test switch to a high fat red meat diet and then use dilution the morning of the test. You might buy a cheap test strip and test yourself first pee of the morning.
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