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Co2 Generators, does the Co2 exit from the top or bottom?


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I would like to use a Co2 generator and attach small fans on the exit side which will blow the Co2 through ducting to my plants. I want to block off the ducting at the end. However the co2 will escape through small holes which I will create on strategic places during the length of the ducting.

However I do not know if the Co2 should be sucked in from the bottom or the top of the Co2 generator? It might be a stupid question to ask but Co2 is heavier than air so it falls down. If taking this into account I would need to attach the ducting to the bottom end of the Co2 generator. Or is the Co2 exiting from the top and settles to the floor at a later time?


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Define CO2 generator please ? There are tons of different makes and models .. and I cant seem to find my mindreaders hat ;) A picture would be great to .. or a make and model number ..
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