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I found some creeper weed a few years back and it was exactly what I expected, smoked it and had to wait for the buzz. Recently I found someone cloning what they called creeper and it was named so because it spread along the ground sending out roots along the nodes to create a new plant. I'm now confused, has anyone heard of this vine type mj?


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yep, It comes from the sativa plant. It not only creeps while smoking, but creeps on the ground to.
I have a more recent post and am searching for knowledge currently on why and how this happens.


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MJ has the ability to grow roots along the stem wherever... hence cloning......

When he plant is tied down to the ground and dirt is touching it, the dark bottom area touching the ground can grow roots out from the stem and these roots can set into the ground.

I know someone that tied his plant down, let it go for 3 months int he summer, and when he went to pull it up the plant had rooted in like 8+ places along the stem. Thus when he cut it off at the base, it was still rooted 5 feet later and 3 feet after that.

Also if you aero-clone a plant, then you bend one of its stems into the cloner so the top and bottom of the plant are in the cloner and the plant is bent like an up-side-down U. You can get her to have roots on the top and bottom.

This is U-LST, and you get a plant that shoots out growth in the center stem and has roots on both ends.
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