Delusional Disorder - Psychosis


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Dear 420,

My mother, 55, suffers from delusional disorder. She thinks there is a man who watches her and follows her. When we moved out from one apartment to another, she said that the man moved with us and lives right above us now. He watches and listens her (and us) through camera on the phone, notebook etc. He drops some things on the floor at nights so she would not be able to sleep. And he does it just to mess with her.

She had it before she got married at 30 y.o. Now it started again when father left her around 5 years ago.

She would not listen and go to hospital ofcourse.

How do I know that this is a delusional disorder? She was taken to "psychologist" by her sister. Just to seek some relief from tough life she has. But the specialist she was taken to was a psychiatrist. I spoke to him later and he informed me of her state.

From what I know, there is some information that cannabis can cause schizophrenia at an earlier age among people who uses cannabis. Maybe disorder my mother has can become worse if she starts using cannabis. I do not want to make things worse.

Does anyone has an experience in treatment of such disorder with cannabis?
What CBD/THC ratio is recommended? What particular stain and seed bank should I look at?
No chance she will use it knowing it is cannabis. I will make edibles. She knows I make them and like to it them. So should not be a problem to get it into her.
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