Denver Police Not Allowed To Work At Pot Shops

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A notice from the Denver Police Department to its officers states that they will not be allowed to work at marijuana shops while off-duty. The notice says that police won't be allowed to work as off-duty security in any location where marijuana is sold. The memo went out to all sworn personnel on Thursday. "The Denver Police Department and other city leaders continue to make fools of themselves by developing rules without thinking them through," said Mason Tvert from the Marijuana Policy Project. Tvert says it's unreasonable and unfair.

"There's absolutely no logical reason why we wouldn't let police officers who are able to work off-duty in bars and in liquor stores simply work at a retail marijuana stores to keep people safe," said Tvert. The department says while that's the policy now, there's always room to change it later on as recreational marijuana becomes integrated around the city. "It's a new industry, we don't know how it's going to work itself out, nobody can really say that. So rather than saying we're going to put officers in there right now, we're going to take a wait and see attitude," said Denver Police Spokesman Sonny Jackson. Recreational marijuana will be legal in Denver on Jan 1.


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Do we want the women/men that use to generously load us up with criminal charges, now "protecting" us?
These same women/men that tried to take as much freedom and dignity they could from us because of our relationship with this flower?
The saddest part is,
The same women/men, that denied us every possible freedom known to the civilized world, all because we were in possession of this incredible medicine, will eventually work in every aspect of this flowering business! Bank on it.
Tough to swallow? Yes. Will it be worth it? ABSOLUTELY! When my child does not have to worry about losing her/his freedom over this plant then it will have all been worth it. The lie lasted a long time, thank god (or a god of your understanding) it's finally being uncovered. Having them join us is a victory and only a fool would deny them the opportunity to do so. What legal industry do you know of where that is enacted? Pot is becoming the standard, it will be policed and security officers will be planted throughout the entire industry that are shields. Saying they will not allow them is a bait and switch. The industry cries discrimination, and the shields are invited in. Being invited in publicly, is Much different then forcing themselves in or being "coerced". Then again WTFDIK? Peace
Once again there are people going against the WILL of the CO. voters.

Who voted to treat Cannabis JUST like Alcohol.
SO if they can't work at the Cannabis Clubs then they can't work anywhere that sells Alcohol.

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