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Despite Proposed Changes, Medical Marijuana Law Frustrating for Patients

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As medical marijuana patients and caregivers await the fate of Montana's medical marijuana law, some are speaking out against the changes, saying the new rules put too much of a burden on patients.

Among those speaking out are Greg and Cheryl Loeffler of Cascade.

Greg said, "We're trying to get em away from the 'caregivers. As far as we're concerned, they're glorified pot dealers. All they care about is the money in their pocket."

Technically a caregiver himself, Greg is unhappy with the proposed changes to the state's medical marijuana laws. Greg is a caregiver for his wife Cheryl who suffers from a rare disease called scleroderma.

"My skin has turned all white, I have open sores that don't heal," Cheryl said.

Diagnosed in 2003, Cheryl is prescribed pain medication, but she says all the pills do more harm than good.

"When I take the pills, they just knock me out. They make me worthless," Cheryl said.

Cheryl says medical marijuana allows her to be more functional, making the time she has left more productive.

"The medical marijuana is a God-send as far as I'm concerned," Cheryl said.

But in order to have it, Greg has to grow it, which takes daily monitoring and attention. He says other caregivers are in it for the profit, not the well-being of patients.

"They've gone the wrong way. They need to not let people grow and then make a state-run, government-run facility," Greg said.

Greg says by having the state regulate it, those using medical marijuana can be monitored so the system won't be abused and it will be better for the everyone in the long run.

"Hire 50 people, you've helped the economy, you've gave people jobs, you've regulated it," Greg said.

Loeffler says another key part of the equation is education.

After several days of testimony in a Helena courtroom, the proposed changes to the state's medical marijuana law are currently being reviewed by a judge. The judge is expected to announce a decision sometime later in the week.


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