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Despite Terrible Record on Medical Marijuana, Obama Cynically Tries to Appeal to Pot


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Despite Terrible Record on Medical Marijuana, Obama Cynically Tries to Appeal to Pot Smokers​

By: Jon Walker Tuesday September 4, 2012 10:44 am

President Obama needs young people to turn out to vote for him if he is going to win this November. He also must know by now, since it dominated every online forum geared to younger voters, that one issue young people really care about is reforming our destructive marijuana laws. Yet instead of actually using his powers as President to improve the situation to appeal to these voters, he instead just made a web video with Harold and Kumar. The video heavily implied that the famous duo had recently been smoking pot.

The video might be funny if it was not so appallingly cynical. Despite the "being cool" image Obama is trying to sell with this video, when it comes to marijuana policy, he is the worst recent president; Obama is worse than Clinton or Bush on medical marijuana.

The Obama administration has waged an aggressive multi-agency war on medical marijuana. Under Obama agencies including DEA, IRS, ATF and DOJ have harassed patients, raided dispensaries and even openly threatened public employees to impede their state's medical marijuana program.

If Obama actually wants to appeal to voters who care about marijuana, instead of appearing in a stupid video, maybe he should try simply being less horrible on the issue. For example Obama could take up the petition several governors have signed to have marijuana rescheduled. At a bare minimum Obama could publicly endorse the idea of medical marijuana. This would be a real symbolic move that should carry zero political risk, since 81 percent of Americans already support medical marijuana.

It would be remarkably easy for Obama to take actions that would prove he would at least be less awful than Mitt Romney on the issue of marijuana, but so far his administration's behavior has been so bad Obama has failed to even clear that low bar.
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