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  1. Renaissance Man

    Introduction to the Renaissance Man

    Hey everyone! Well I finally did it. I made it official and registered here. After 3 months of reading all of your journals, I have been inspired to join and become a part of the community. This community reminds me of some that I've joined in the past when my interests have been piqued...
  2. Fuzzy Duck

    Jeremy Corbyn would legalise cannabis for medicinal use - The next Obama?

    Read on or his he trying to stay popular ? Jeremy Corbyn's Cannabis Policy Endorsed By Former Goverment Drugs Adviser David Nutt Jeremy Corbyn would legalise cannabis for medicinal use - Mirror Online Or just perhaps riding the same band wagon of the lib dem's ! Liberal Democrats call for a...
  3. R

    International Cannabis Association Expo

    2014 East Coast Cannabis Business Expo, Educational Conference & Regulatory Summit Marriott Marquis Hotel, Times Square 1535 Broadway, New York, New York 10036 Sunday, October 12, 2014 at 10:00 am – Monday, October 13, 2014 at 3:00 pm (EDT) ICA Certification Course (optional) Sat. Oct.11th...
  4. MadMike

    Bad Reputation for California MMJ Patients

    I just saw a report on a local news station about a neighbor annoyed by a next door backyard grow. The plants were numerous, visible, and poking outside a fence. The owner of the grow looked like a typical gang banger and became hostile at the camera. People need to understand this is a...
  5. 1

    Despite Terrible Record on Medical Marijuana, Obama Cynically Tries to Appeal to Pot

    Despite Terrible Record on Medical Marijuana, Obama Cynically Tries to Appeal to Pot Smokers By: Jon Walker Tuesday September 4, 2012 10:44 am President Obama needs young people to turn out to vote for him if he is going to win this November. He also must know by now, since it dominated...
  6. 1

    Paul Win a Real Possibility Now That Newt is Out!

    New world order Newt has now dropped out of the racing leaving a heads up match between Paul and Romney. Ron Paul 2012: Can He Beat Mitt Romney Now That Newt Gingrich Is Bowing Out? Ron Paul 2012: Can He Beat Mitt Romney Now That Newt Gingrich Is Bowing Out? - International Business Times...
  7. MadMike

    Ron Paul wins California Straw Poll

    September 18, 2011. Los Angeles. The California state Republican fall convention was held this weekend in Los Angeles. One of the most anticipated activities was the California Presidential Straw Poll. When the state party released the results last night, the Ron Paul 2012 campaign was proudly...
  8. K

    TX Governor 2010

    Does anyone know which candidates are most supportive of cannabis legalization in Texas? All I've seen is for Mark Katz, but he's running for Lieutenant Governor.. right?
  9. D

    Candidate Wanted: District Attorney for the County of San Diego

    POSITION: San Diego County District Attorney POSITION TYPE: Public Elected Official FILING DATE: January 4, 2010 ELECTION DATE: June 8, 2010 SUPPORTER PLEDGED AMOUNT:$7,900 (and counting as of 12/12/09) THE IDEAL CANDIDATE: The San Diego District Attorney, in...
  10. D

    Re-Elect Dumanis for San Diego County District Attorney in 2010?

    No way Jose, not again! San Diego County can not endure another term with the "rogue" and “unstable” County District Attorney, Bonnie Dumanis. Currently running unopposed in the 2010 election for the position of San Diego County District Attorney, the incumbent DA has so far provided the county...
  11. M

    Marijuana Policy Project on 420 Magazine

    Hi Everyone- Greetings from the Marijuana Policy Project in Washington DC. We wanted to say hi... We try to post new, informative videos as often as we can. Check out our newest vid: A look at marijuana policy in the 2008 election: YouTube - Obama and McCain on Marijuana
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