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Jeremy Corbyn would legalise cannabis for medicinal use - The next Obama?

Fuzzy Duck

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Fuzzy Duck

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Fingers crossed.

Ye the conservative party are in for another 4 years in till 2020 with ol Theresa May dealing with Brexit i'm not sure about their medical MJ views at present.

But it is getting the message out on who supports medical use.

The Lib Dems have had solid good opinions on the matter for the last couple of years & our a lot more open minded.

I think Jeremy Corbyn is riding the band wagon slightly but Labour gets its backing from the working class folk best part of the time & i would imagine their are a fair few smokers who support them.

With more and more states in America looking at legal medical use for MJ plus other areas, I'm pretty sure the UK doesn't take quite a blind eye so the run up to the next general election on 2020, 7th of May could look interesting if the Lib Dems & Labour can come out with a plan of action on medical use or others areas etc

They just need to step up & get more noticed.
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