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Discovered a new Dispensary


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The Counselor has made an amazing Discovery,
a Club I saw advertised on the back of the back of
East Bay Express looked interesting. One, because I had
never heard of it & two, it's a Block from the 16th ave
Bart Station & for those of us that don't drive, that's a plus.
When I rang the buzzer, I was greeted by the Owner, a
very amiable chap. I walked over to his Bar, & he had his
Medicine in Glass Jars. He had about 6 Jars going from
3 Stars to 7 stars in his rating system. He said it was originally
developed by Dennis Peron as a way of evaluating Medical Cannabis.
So, I looked at Jar # 7 & it was coated with Crystals & Crystals.
He said that was a powerful Sativa, I said what do you have in Indica's.
He produced a bottle of Buds that had so many Crystals it glared at me.
He moved his hand in the bottle pulling out a pile of Buds & said you pick
what you like, with your hands. For a moment I was stunned. He weighed
my Bud's & put them in a bag, very simple. I didn't have a chance to try his
multiple Hashes that gleamed with Oil, or the Honey Oil. Obviously the Counselor
needs to visit again, hopefully soon, to try out his other Treats.:smokin3:


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Sounds like you found a nice place, you get to select your own buds? OUTSTANDING!
Rock on Counselor!
Not only did I get to select my Own Buds, But I pointed to some
Buds that were red & crystalized to the point I could see them glisining
in the sun with resin. He said no problem & moved the Buds around the Jar
so he could get to the ones I wanted and poured a bunch of Buds on the
table area & said pick. I was some what intoxicated with this wonderful
process & he proceeded to put the Buds I selected on the scale. Awesome.
There is something sacred I think in being able to select what Turns you on.:smokin3:


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I visited this MCD with C. Howard the other day. Rich, the farmacist, treated us to his "Cosmic Cocktail", samples for all... It was a fast acting (30 minutes) cannabis drink based on bhang, a derivative of cannabis. "Cosmic Cocktail" is composed of a medium of orange juice, other unknown fruit juices with spices and cannabis tincture (...my guess). Went down quite easily and worked quite quickly, lasting 6 hours +?...I fell asleep.

Rich also treated us to some fine marijuana of the indica persuasion. All in all, a very nice, clean operation. I highly recommend it. :peace::robgriffin:

Bhang: Bhang - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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