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DIY dry ice cooler


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I have been thinking of cheap ways to cool my grow tent in the summer. I keep it inside the houe right now. It doesn't get too hot here in Oregon, about 85 highs, and a few days it gets in the low 90s. Once in a great while there will be a day or two at 98 or something.

First here is a pic of my idea.

Why to use a bubba keg, or similar large cooling cup. They keep shit cold for a long time. I once had my slushy, okay marjarita right in front of the heater in one of these cups. It was there for hours and did not melt. I had no lid on it.

Now of course, it will not be as effective with the bottom off and wind blowing right through the tube, but still, it will keep the ice solid much longer than PVC. The dry ice will keep the ice solid longer as well. Dry ice will add a bit more CO2 to your grow room. It can be used without dry ice. The problem with dry-ice is cost. I guess some Walmarts sell it for about $1 a pound. Not bad. A pound a day would be 30 bucks. I am sure running an energy star air conditioner at like 78 would cost about the same to run. It would only turn on when the temps got over 78.

Question: Would it be more effective to only have cold air coming in and no fans blowing air out? Air would slowly leak out, and because new cold air is always coming in, the plants would have constant fresh air.

I haven't built it yet, so I have no idea how many degrees it will lower the room or how long the block of ice will take to melt. I am guessing about 3-6 hours, without the aid of dry ice. I would only use dry ice on extremely hot days, which is considering this invention even works worth a damn. I think it might because I put ice in a tray of water in front of a fan and it cools me off much more than just a fan.

I will cut the end of the bubba keg off or drill holes in it. I think the holes might work better and keep the ice longer.

If it does cool the room down by enough degrees without the use of dry ice, then it is free cooling. Yay.
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