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Hi everyone, I have been soaking up the posts for a little while now and thought i would start adding my input...

Not sure who cares but I thought I would make a start by letting you know of the stats and some info of cannabis convictions etc, where i live (Tasmania, Australia). Also will try my best to answer any questions about cannabis in Tasmania also would love to see some writings on other local stats and quality. No matter where you at.

Out of around 582,236 peeps, the average cannabis convictions are only around 1500 - 1800 per year. Cannabis use here is illegal but often unenforced and ticketing applies for lower amounts.

The maximum penalty is 50 penalty units or two years imprisonment or both. Cautioning and diversion

First time adult offenders for possession or use cannabis (up to 50 grams) are issued a cautionary notice by police as well as a pamphlet containing educational material;

Second time adult offenders are referred to a one hour counselling/treatment intervention; and

Third time offenders are diverted to a more comprehensive assessment, with referral to counseling, detoxification, or rehabilitation.

The drug diversion program is based on police decision and not legislation. It applies to most types of drugs including cannabis, but certain requirements must be met before a diversionary procedure can be followed, ie minimal quantities.

Would love to be able to apply for Medicinal Cannabis Permits here but more than anything quite happy with the enforcement here, As i use it for treatment of Tourettes Syndrome in the form of motor tics and certain aspects of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder associated with Tourettes.

Considering the bush land available. Have seen the odd plane come over with a nice big black ball underneath (you know what i mean) but it seems to me they are looking in the wrong places.

Quality can range on connections and grow type. Mainly great quality bush grown bud is available, as most living areas are within 15 - 30 minutes drive of dense bush and can be secure and accessed regularly for maintenance.

Quite a bit of hydro can be found through the later summer due to a few main supplies waiting for the new outdoor crops to mature. Though in certain dealing and connection groups can be unflushed or have not had a long enough cure due to the change in demand at this time of season.

Generally the supply demand ratios are quite good and I, Personally rate most buds statewide, up there with the top quality bush available along the coast of Australia and WA.

Thats my dribble. Would love to see other local posts, No matter where you are from.

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Interesting read. First offense you get propaganda, oops, I meant a pamphlet containing educational material. Curious, have you ever read the pamphlet? It sounds like a great place to live.


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I have not got one personally but a mate got one back in 06. Was a funny read. Obviously written by some strait guy sitting in a government office.

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