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Drug test story


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Alright so theres a slight chance that im gonna get drug tested on the 15th. and i havnt smoked since around the 20th of last month. I have drank around 2 and a half gallons of cranberry juice. about 10 gallons of water. and i have gone to the gym and sweated off atleast 3 pounds in the sauna and by running/lifting weights.

i was a frequent smoker but i constantly drink alot of water.

Im sure im completly clean by the 15th if i do get tested. if i test positive it would be ridiculous. But i have been dying for a hit. I have lots of friends who smoke and theyre sitting there smoking infront of me but i resist the urge. I really cant wait till the 15th wether i get tested or not. But if i dont get tested its gonna be sad that i tortured myself for nothing. Well actually its gonna hit me like an acid trip when i finally do smoke since im clean.

excited/nervous either way.


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haha. u will be as high as the first time u ever got high....

it will be like ur a weed virgin all over again :)
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