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So my question is about curing the fresh cut material before processing. I know for smoking that a good cure can take a long time. I also understand that for cooking you need to decarboxylate the weed first. I am wondering if I dry for say a week and then decarboxylate then is that good enough or do I need to cure it for best results to make butter. Also can you take fresh cuttings and just decarboxylate for a few hours and that is good enough? I would think you first want to grind it so having it basically dry would be good first step, then grind and then decarboxylate.

Is there any rule of thumb for this for fresh uncured weed? I am willing to wait and take my time but I don't want to wait unnecessarily for it if you can do it immediate.

For example I know that using a dehydrator doesn't make for the best smoke. But if you are intending to cooking it and decarboxylating after dehydrating it then maybe a dehydrator is not so bad?



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Here's what i did yesterday, not sure if I'm right or wrong but it works.
Trimmed required material from plant
Washed trim and popcorn buds in sink of cold water
Placed on tray in oven @70c for 1hour
Crushed material into powder
Boiled several litres of water in large pot
Added 250g of Butter
Added 2tsp of Soy Lecithin ( worthwhile but completely optional )
Added material and stewed for 3 hours
Poured through cheesecloth strainer into container and placed in fridge to cool and separate
Awoke this morning and retrieved butter sediment from container
Made Anzacs, approximately 60 bickies
Ate Anzacs, two bickies, confirmed function within an hour
Zoned out here for rest of day.
I love edibles, they're my new favourite food group
Cheers n Peace
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Thanks Wobbler... So you don't even dry it. You just wash it fresh, then decarboxylate then grind and then start making butter. I think the troubles I had in the past was not decarboxylating first. I would just dry it out for a few days or sometimes use it fresh and it wasn't as potent as I was expecting.

Thanks I will try this on my next batch.

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I dry the trim until it's able to buy ground in a pedestal and mortar. Then melt butter in a pan and add the trim, lower the heat and simmer for around 45 minutes. Stiring regularly. Then strain the trim through a fine tea strainer,place in the fridge until needed.
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