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DUMB: Family Finds Field Of Marijuana

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
Most families living in Kosciusko County can find corn growing in their back yards.

But one family found something very different.

Wellington White rides his horse in the fields behind his house often. He never noticed anything unusual, until the day he saw this.

Wellington White says, "One of them caught my eye and said, hey, that's a marijuana plant and I started looking around and there's another one and there's another one."

And it isn't just a few marijuana plants, it's hundreds, if not thousands of them!

Wellington White says, "They're all over all the way around there in that island all along here. There's 10, 20 acres of pot plants here. They're everywhere!"

Some as big as seven feet tall. Police say it's a field that's notorious for having marijuana.

Sgt. Chad Hill says, "Back in the early 1900's, they actually had planted hemp as an actual usage for rope for the military for ships and stuff like that. It was a really strong, leafy material. And when bound together it was good for ropes and of course they got away form it and now we're still stuck with it."

Because no matter how hard police try to get rid of it, the plants keep growing back.

Sgt. Chad Hill says, "They go out and spray a lot of that that's wild, but even with that, with the state police helicopter and their extraction team that they use to go out there, it's tough to combat."

And while Wellington says he understands the police are trying to get rid of the marijuana, it doesn't make him any less concerned that it's there.

Wellington White says, "I don't want my kids around it. That's the bottom line. I just don't want them peddling back here around it. I don't want anybody knowing about it. I just want them gone. I just want the plant gone."

Police say they are working on trying to find a solution to this problem.

In the meantime they are asking people to stay out of the area.

And just as a reminder, it is illegal to pick and store marijuana plants.


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