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EC is rising


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This is my first try in dwc and i have a few questions.
3rd week in veg, topped twice.

I have bucket with 37l water in it.
Tap water is .41 and total ec is .85, but,,,,, after a day ec is rising to .88.
I have a guide telling my the plant is not eating nutes and tells me to slightly lower ec.
I took away about 2ltr and then add 2ltr ph'd water to .85 but is rises again.
Ph (5.8) is stable and she drinking very little.

As i understand water is supposed to falling and ec and ph should be stable according to attached file.

Q1. When i should lower ec slightly,,, how much do you think slightly is? .85 is about 1/3 strenght.
Q2. Is rising .85 to .88 nothing to be concerned about?
Q3. When i'm supposed to lower ec,, how big steps should i make? Seems like .03 isn't enough as it rises over again.

Plant looks fine, no droopy leafs or so, maybe a liitle small.


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I've noticed pulling some water out doesn't effect diddly, only real way I've noticed big changes is rezz change.
Big rezz can be a challenge to keep balanced

.03 isn't a lot, but watch it for sure
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