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El Paso County Bans Green Crosses From Medical Marijuana Businesses

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El Paso County commissioners say medical marijuana businesses that use green crosses in their signage will have to find a new way to advertise.

The commissioners voted to ban green crosses from the front of medical marijuana businesses.

The county said there was some concern that out-of-town visitors might be confused because the green cross is the international symbol for medicine. For example, in Europe, the symbol means pharmacy.

"What I think it will deter is the accidental person from going in, thinking they are going to a pharmacy or a clinic or something like that," said Commissioner Dennis Hisey.

Hisey said Thursday he had not heard of anyone mixing up dispensaries with pharmacies.

Lono Ho'Ala, who owns Eagles Nest Wellness Center, a medical marijuana dispensary off Highway 24. Ho'Ala said not once has someone come into his shop, thinking it was a pharmacy or medical facility.

"There are 40,000 cars that go back and forth in front of this place every day. I have never had any one once asking if we provide emergency care services," said Ho'Ala.

Ho'Ala said commissioners should not be focusing on green crosses. Instead, he said they should be focusing on bigger issues, like cracking down on the black market for marijuana.

"It's stupid. It's utterly stupid. There is so many things to worry about in this industry that they aren't paying a bit of attention to," said Ho'Ala.

Four businesses will be impacted. They will have to change their existing signage when their licenses come up for renewal.

Colorado Springs City Council Member Keith King said city leaders have no plans to ban the green crosses on medical marijuana dispensaries within the city limits.

Pueblo County Commissioner Sal Pace said dispensaries in Pueblo County must either display the green cross or the Amendment 64 sign so that people don't get them confused with other businesses.


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A "green cross" in America has always meant "grass shop". Try mine ... it's now trademarked by the USPTO. We can set up a franchise agreement to display the "official" universal logo badge for the MMINAIL if you wish.


Let them try to dismantle that one!
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