Endometriosis by Anonymous

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Endometriosis by Anonymous​

My story is that I have severe endometriosis, I had a laparoscopy at the age of 22 (I am 32 now)and was given a shot of Lupron once per month for 6 months. The surgery and Lupron helped some (I was not in as severe cramping pain as I had been prior to the surgery and shots).However, I was told that within ten years I would possibly need another surgery. I'm at the ten-year mark and lo and behold, about 6-8 months ago my pain started getting worse (it was at a bearable point). I'm back to the point I was at ten years ago. I've been prescribed Vicadon (it makes me horribly sick), then Percodan. I am not one to take pharmaceutical drugs, or at least I try not to as much as possible. I just don't care for the way they make me feel. I smoke pot when that time of month comes and I begin to get the pain...all I can say is pot helps alleviate the pain more than any prescribed drug I have taken. I really wish there were more people out there like you in this world!

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