Endometriosis by Kim

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Endometriosis by Kim​

I am a 29-year-old woman suffering from endometriosis and irritable bowel syndrome. The endometrial tissue from the uterus reattaches itself outside of the uterus. Mine was found on the right ovary, uterus. and fallopian tubes. I have a lot of pain from this. I had smoked marihuana for years recreationally, then started smoking it again when I got menstrual cramps and migraines. I told one doctor and he had to agree with me that it was better for me that the narcotics that were prescribed for me. There are many nights when I am in pain and have to take a narcotic. Then I try to light up immediately so that I do not get nauseous. If it were not for cannabis, I would probably lose my mind and end up at the emergency room. I have spoken with other women who suffer from this disease and smoke marihuana for pain control. Since it is illegal, there aren't many who want to admit it, but I am willing to tell anyone who will listen. It has been 1-1/2 years since my initial diagnosis and my return to regular pot smoking, and I have had no side effects.

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