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Ever been busted in PA?


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I'm kinda stuck right now, I really dont know what to do... Any advice would help soo much And I appreciate to the fullest! :)

But Me and my friend got busted in pa awhile back. We pretty much got lost going to a place we chill at, and ended up in pa at like 4 in the morning lost off are ass's.. Not to mention all the crazy shit that happened in between.
But to make a long story short, I had to pull over and fall asleep. I COULD NOT make it home. Both my friend and I had NO Idea as of where we were. . Nothing else to do but sleep on it. *shrug* haha
So I wake up with cops surrounding my car with their guns drawn. At first I didnt think it was cops, but the people parked next to me so I passed back out.. Then they started to slam on the window, and I woke up. (I parked the car in a motel parking lot btw) Asked for the my license and registration I gave it to them, then he asked me to step outta the car. And I step out. Right away my friends in handcuffs going to the car. I asked "howd they get you so fast man?" He says his herb was hanging outta his pocket. COps search me I have nothing on me, they search the car and find a bowl and an empty handle of rum. My friend told the officers it was all his, but they still arrested me and impounded my car. Now X amount of months later he plead guilty to all the charges. I still havent had the charges dropped. HE got 6 months probation. Were both from Jersey. Now the question I have is either to take what he got to ( 6 months probation) Or take it trial and try to win it???? I really dont know, I do know that if I take it to trial and lose, I'd be alot more fucked then 6months probo..
If any one has any advice or pretty much anything to say about this please post.


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RUN!!! i hear mexico is nice


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I am hesitant to give legal advice, seeing as how I am not now and never will be anything approaching a lawyer, but talk to your friend. Has he seen his PO yet? How often are they testing? Are they testing at all? I've had some friends who had probation in Jersey and they pretty much just kept on smoking and doing what they wanted, either failing tests with no reprocussions or taking masking agents when they couldn't fail anymore. One of my friends actually got arrested for possession of marijuana, got six months probation, and wasn't tested once. So I would ask your friend how its going, and if it doesn't seem like that big of a hassle, just go for it. Less trouble than hiring a lawyer and going to court and all that.

But once again, try to find some advice from people who are qualified legal professionals and not stoners you may never have met (no offense to anyone here, myself included)

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I am a lawyer. However, in that I am licensed only in Georgia, and certainly not in New Jersey, I will not attempt to give you specific advice. I might have a couple of suggestions; but, first I have a couple of questions.
1. Have you been offered six months probation?
2. If so, have you been offered first offender status so that your record might be cleared in the event you successfully completes probationary period?

If the answer to each of these questions is yes, then, I would take the offer and run like a scalded dog. You really can't ask for any better than that.

If you have been offered the probation like your friend was, but, you have not been offered first offender status, I would ask for that. But, even if you cannot get first offender status, it is probably a good idea to take the probation in any event, especially if you do not have to report. Think about how much time you would stand to lose from work or school going to court for a trial that you would most likely lose. If you would like to communicate further, PM me. Good luck.
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