Example of a bad operation

most deffinitly a ratt. they said he had pills and rxs. well ocs were prob part of it and if not for the pills annd shit and sick drug addicts around he prob wuldnt have gotten bagged. now there gonna fuck him. i had a 44 mag until i realized having the gun , grow and my kids would likely get me the fucking death penalty i got rid of the gun. but then again no one knows i grow and i dont have to worry about druggies coming in my window. then again the pitbull would take care of that....man id love to know if a drug buy was made, if a neighbor rratted him or what the deal was.
Same here. A few ppl "know" I plan on it but when i do start I will still tell em no progress :) well maybe my best friend will know but thats it. PLus not many know where i moved to. He lived in the heart of the city u dont grow in the middle of a city esp when u have like 10 neighbors that will see what u bring into your house. IDK if he had his FID but regardless if u do or not you have a safe for it so they cant just "find it"
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