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Experience With 4,000 Medical Marijuana Patients

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MOLALLA, Ore. - Cannabis as useful medicine was first brought to Western Europe by Dr. W.B. O'Shaunessy about 1840. He had served in India where he was introduced to the medical use by local physicians. He found it to be efficacious for analgesia, rabies, cholera, tetanus and convulsions and soon published his findings in England. This was followed by many physicians using it (successfully) for many medical conditions.

The American College of Physicians (ACP) via their journal the Annals of Internal Medicine as of January 2008, has published the best but unfortunately limited article about the benefits of marijuana/cannabis as medicine.

Unfortunately positive articles on the subject have rarely been printed in medical journals for the past thirty years. Only 10 of their 14 references are dated after 2005 and much of the most critical and acceptable medical information has been published since 2001 at which time physicians had enough clinical experience but could rarely get their research published.

Their article only refers to a few of the medical conditions for which marijuana/cannabis has been found to be highly beneficial. This article will indicate some 25 or more diseases for which it is efficacious.

More History

Dr. John Russel Reynolds became the personal physician for Queen Victoria around 1868, who used it for menstrual cramps, nausea and vomiting of pregnancy and obstetric analgesia. She had eleven children.

About 1860 the Ohio State Medical Society published a therapeutics report on cannabis use. They recommended it for fourteen medical conditions for which cannabis is still used today.

Physicians in California, Oregon and elsewhere where it is medically legal have found it effective for a very broad list of medical conditions.

Ms. Tia Taylor MPH indicates that cannabis/marijuana has been used for numerous (potential) uses. The conditions specified in the present communication indicate a very broad list of medical conditions. In fact the U.S. Pharmacopoeia up to 1937 listed one hundred successfully treated medical conditions.

At the present time eleven U.S. states have legalized medical marijuana for at least 400 thousand patients with the numbers increasing rapidly as physicians can review records and sign applications or recommended forms.

There are no standard or optimal doses. The U.S. government has prevented any standardization of quantity or quality and medical users of Marinol, a synthetic THC, have found the natural substance far superior. Inhalation of the medicinal compounds through a vaporizer as with asthma inhalers (not smoked as cigarettes or through a pipe) is the optimal means of titrating to optimal relief. Oral administering and absorption is fraught with difficulties and few patients use it even with Marinol.

Cannabis/marijuana is the safest medication ever discovered. The worst adverse effect is sleeping many hours with a very high "overdose" though Marinol causes panic attacks.

This author has had over 4,000 patients with all of the medical conditions mentioned. They all say "cannabis/marijuana is better than any and all of the standard prescriptions taken!"

Source:The Salem News
Copyright: 2008, The Salem News
Contact: Dr. Phillip Leveque, Newsroom@Salem-News.com
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