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Expert advice needed


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I have read several articles on the use of bat guano, and I really like the concept of adding something more natural to the plant rather then chemicals like MG and so on. Not to mention, everytime I try to use MG in the most tiniest amounts, my leaves on the bottom still turn yellow which i think means nute burn right?? And not to get too off the subject cause I know this is a grow thread but I mean thats why I enjoy smoking....I have served two tours in Iraq while in the US Marine Corps, got out on an Honorable Discharge after 4 years, and am 30 % disabled with back and knee problems, broke wrist my wrist in Fallujah during Phanton Fury, and most importantly PTSD. I tried to take the chemicals (anti-depressants and ambian-cr for my sleep disorders and nightmares) that they gave me but I felt like a zombie with no emotions. Plus I got to thinking why am I feeding myself chemical produced drugs..that if they really did work i would only have to take one and be done with it...how else would the companies that produce the stuff stay in business if they really did work...and pot is all natural and Im able to live a normal life, function during the day without going "crazy" and Im able to eat and sleep again. So someone in the gov't needs to wake up and realize they are doing more harm then good...If i was still living in Cali where i was stationed I would apply for the MM Card and I know i would be approved, but I live on the east coast, and in the south where all the Smartest people live, they are stuck in they old ways...the only way MM has a chance to be legalized is to get all the old ppl out of office and refresh it with a younger more hip to todays world...anyways sorry i went off on a tangent:headbang:...please dont be mad at me you mods out there..:adore:


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Re: expert advise needed

I have used Bat Guano sucessfully many times before.

I was going to link you to my other thread, but I see youv'e already been there now. :3:
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