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Fan wiring


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The fan is 12VDC and the charger is 5.2VDC. You will be running the fan under it's rated voltage. So it will pull more amperage to do the same work. Your fan may run a bit hotter. You should match the volts and the power supply should exceed the amperage.


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The voltage should always be equal while the amperage should always be higher than the cumulative amperage requirements of all connected devices

i.e. for a power supply that is 12v 15amps you could run 2 12v 7.5amp devices or 3 12v 5amp devices but what you dont want to do is run a 5v device on a 12v power supply that will cause the device to over heat and catch fire while using devices that require more amperage than the power supply can deliver can cause the power supply to either trip its internal circuit breaker or over heat and catch on fire.


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But I can run a 12v fan using a 5.2v charger with the correct amperage? Won't it just not run as fast or am I wrong?

Thanks again
You are correct. You CAN run a device with less than the required volts. Things like fans, and simple electronics will work fine, but just run slower. Other items can be damaged if operated with less than the required voltage.

I've got this one would this run both fans fine at full speed?
Yes that will work. The fans total amp requirements are 630 millamps. That power supply will work perfectly, and is able to supply almost double the current needed, so it will run cooler, and last longer. It will also supply 12 volts, so both fans will operate at full speed.

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