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Evening all from a cold Scotland today

Joined this forum as I'm about to start my first grow

Me and the wife are fed up with paying for a smoke and I hate buying stuff I can usually do myself

Anyway my plan is, I have a large plastic 50gallon drum which I have lined with tinfoil I have also cut a door in the side which is removable and seals well

I have 2 PC fans lower one is sucking in puppet is blowing out is that right?

I'll be using a 180w tri band ufo light and 2 6300k cfl's for veg then I was told to go with 2k cfl's for flowering is that right?

Also I have some mixed information about light height

I have bought 2 auto ak feminised and I get a free pink diesel x amnesia

My plan is to grow an ak and the free seed first

Will my lights be enough? Will I add more cfl's?

Thanks in advance folks
Re: Evening all

:welcome:Swedge to :420: You have come to the right place for information! I'm in my first grow as well. I can tell you that the CFL light height can be almost touching. I have been keeping mine at about an inch or two (about 2.5 - 5 cm) with good result so far. I'm only using 1 100W light with a hood for each plant to date but think I'm going to need more light as my plants get larger. I've never heard of growing in a 50gal drum :) I would recommend starting a journal and update it frequently. That allows many of the "old pros" to check out our grow and give us good advice along the way. I wish you good luck and happy tokin'! :peace:
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Re: Evening all

Cheers any idea on the height of the led to start with? Did you have your lights on before they appeared trough the soil or just when they start appearing?

I'm growing in my attic as I rent my house and having a container in the attic isn't a problem plus I have the container already lol

The height if the container is about 1m 50 so would I have to top my plants? I'm just wondering about when thier flowering and the height my light has to be

Re: Evening all

Also what size pots would you recommend or won't it matter if I have to top them? Bigger the better if topping?
This is only my humble opinion :) ... the experienced growers feel free to correct if I'm wrong.... but I feel it's always best to go with the biggest pot you can fit into your system. I started my last sprouts in Dixie cups... now I'm wondering why not just put them immediately in the pot you plan to finish in? Every time you transplant you put stress on that girl!. Take care. :peace:


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Re: Evening all

Welcome to :420:, and welcome to our community.
The best place for Cannabis awareness and information. :peace:
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Re: Evening all

Evening all got some photos for you since everyone like pics and less chat lol

Excuse the messiness of the foil overlap etc it will all be trimmed back neatly

I'm making a door from the part I've cut out and fitting some flaps on the side so that no lights comes through when the door is closed

I'm also gonna weld a stand together with some threaded bar so that I can adjust the cfl lights

Should I have my lights on before my seed has sprouted? Or just turn them on as soon as it sprouts

Since I'm using led ufo and 2 cfl's how close should I have them? Close enough not to burn?

I'll be able to adjust my ufo using a bit of rope through the top so I can just pull the top and knot it at a certain height

I'm also gonna paint the outside of the drum black

Also does anyone run 2 fans? 1 exhaust 1 sucking in?

Or is an exhaust enough with just a hole for intake?

Thanks again
lol im not the person to answer wiring problems sorry . dont want to contribute to any fires ..i know there is a little ac adapter u can buy for those fans .
im with u on that . we have an electrical thread here some damn were . i would take that question to the f.a.q and maybe one of the smart guys will answer with fact lol..