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first time for everything


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whats up my friends, im taking a break from reading/posting about cultivation, i know we all have a strong bond with mary-jane, shiit im smokin a bowl while im typing this, i smoke all day everyday, have 2 great kids and a beautiful wife, by no means a low life pothead like the reefer madness believing nazis project us to be. how old were you when you first smoked. i did on my 10th bday i remember like yesterday, i went to my best friends house to show him my new bicycle lol his older brother (my big brothers bf) and another kid were smoking a joint behind his house, he invited me in and it was instant love, alot of ppl say they dont get high there first time, well i sure did! i was high and loved it, i love everything about cannabis and i admire its strength to survive in damn near every condition you can throw at it. its a fighter like me, and i guesse thats why i have such a passion for the miracle plant. im interested in how she walked into all of your lives please share :thanks:


The first time I met this wonderful lady, I ended up getting arrest. Hey it could have been worse. I cod have been sober when I got lynched. Lol


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I was always anti-drug but i always heard at school how chill i was to trip out and all that good stuff. So i wanted to know what was the big deal but i didnt know any one to get it from i over heard my girl talking about it so i asked. She got me a dub and some pussy that day big double d's G
Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
First time smoking. Jeez talking about being a newbie. Rarely smoke still to this day, but times have changed. First time I smoked my buddy and I were hanging out playing SC2 on PC and he offered it to me multiple times before. Well I finally said fuck it and smoked out of his 1ft zong that he had. Now I usually go and stay the night at my friends house and smoke for a few hours and hangout and play video games. Hell sometimes even out camping we will roast a bowl while sitting by the fire after a long day of quadding.


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My mums 40th, I was around 13, during summer, hot night, sneaking drinks. Go over to neighbours house to get drinks, husbands on couch, just got home from work, smoking a fat one. Asked if I wanted some.. We then sat there for the next few hours. My first session. Main thing I remember was that it had a peculiar smell. Marijuana has only smelt like that the first two- three times I ever smelt it.
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