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Im Having pop at growing from seed for the first time and seems to be goin very well. I was wondering if there was a minimum time in the growth stage for seeds before switching the timer. I've been told about 6 weeks for the seedlings to be genetically mature enough to bloom. Any advice would be gratefully received. Cheers :48:


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i'm no veteran, but as soon as I put my sprouts into soil, I have them under 24 hrs of light for 2 weeks, then to 22 for another 4 to 6 weeks. Then to press flowering, I give them the old 12 - 12 for however long it takes.

Don't forget to make the dark hours COMPLETELY dark!:rollit:


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The plants can flower ANY time, check out the 'Sea of Green' method.
The more grow time, the more buds. If you don't smoke much, or just want to see what happens, turn back the timer to 12/12. And as dopeman dick says above, remember to allow your plant a full 12 hours dark, NO interruptions (as it will stop the plants from budding).
Also make sure you get a budding nutrient like seaweed concentrate.

Feel free to ask any more questions,

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