Glaucoma Patient Planning To Smoke Marijuana Outside Georgia Capitol

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A 75-year-old glaucoma patient is preparing to light up a marijuana cigarette outside the Georgia State Capitol to show her support for a broader medical marijuana bill.

Elvy Musikka of Eugene, Oregon, is in Atlanta for a rally by a group called Peachtree NORML.

Musikka told CBS46 News she's one of a handful of glaucoma patients in the country who receive marijuana from the federal government..

"I have a letter stating that I am allowed to carry this all over the United States wherever I go," said Musikka. "I need my medicine 24//7."

Musikka said she started smoking marijuana in her early 30s after trying glaucoma treatments that were not effective.

"When a doctor said to me if I didn't start smoking marijuana I would go blind, I questioned his sanity because like the rest of us, I had absolutely no drug education," she said.

In the 1980s, she learned about a federally owned farm in Oxford, Mississippi, where marijuana was grown for the study of medicinal marijuana. Musikka said she joined the program in 1988 after providing extensive documentation from her doctors showing that marijuana was helping her condition.

Since then, the government has shipped her 300 marijuana cigarettes each month, she said, which effectively treats all of her ailments, which also include arthritis, insomnia and occasional depression.

As she smoked a marijuana cigarette Tuesday at the home of a friend in Hapeville, Musikka said, "Make no mistake. Whenever I inhale this cannabis, it's nothing but the spirit of thanksgiving that swells within me. Thanks to the creator for this. This is my sacrament as well as my medicine.


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