Group Begins Campaign Against Dumanis Mayoral Run

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
One of the frontrunners in San Diego's mayoral race is facing some new opposition -- and it's not a fellow candidate.

San Diego County District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis held what she called her kickoff fundraiser downtown on Tuesday night. However, a group of protesters gathered outside and kicked off their own campaign against her.

"The idea is 'anyone but Dumanis,'" said Eugene Davidovich, who helped organize the "Not Dumanis" campaign.

Marcus Boyd, another "Not Dumanis" organizer, told 10News, "We plan to be at every open event she's speaking at."

A Not Dumanis Facebook page has more than 300 friends, and 10News learned a new website -- -- will be up in weeks.

While the organizers claimed several issues, they said the topic of medical marijuana sparked the campaign. "She uses the fact that the law is gray to bump up her conviction rate. It's shameful," said Davidovich.

Davidovich called Dumanis' string of prosecutions of medical marijuana growers and patients "overzealous." Davidovich himself was acquitted by a jury on several medical marijuana-related charges last year.

"Is this a vendetta?" asked 10News reporter Michael Chen.

Davidovich replied, "No, it's actually justice for San Diego."San Diego ASA

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