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Guam: Feedback On Medical Marijuana Rules Sought

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Residents are encouraged to read the rules and regulations of Guam's new medical cannabis industry before a public hearing on Dec. 5.

Sen. Dennis Rodriguez Jr. is asking the community to look at the draft rules and regulations, then send him their suggestions before the public hearing next Tuesday.

"The rules that Public Health proposed can very well change if citizens come to the table and propose reasonable changes," Rodriguez said. "My committee wants to hear as many relevant viewpoints as possible. We want there to be a healthy debate about these rules. Every rule has to make sense."

Voters approved the use of medical marijuana on Guam in 2014, but implementation has been delayed because of the drafting of rules and regulations, and because the government hasn't issued business licenses for the program. Although a few patients since January have been certified to possess medical marijuana, lawmakers were told business license applicants have been turned away because the government isn't ready to accept applications.

Among other revisions, the revised rules and regulations include the process for applying for and receiving identification cards to purchase medical marijuana, the reasons and processes for denying requests, as well as how to challenge denied requests.

Residents can access the draft of the medical cannabis regulations by the Department of Public Health and Social Services online at the Guam Legislature's website. Search for Bill 210.

The draft will receive two public hearings and a markup meeting in the first half of December, before the full Legislature decides on a final set of rules.


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