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Hello Folks! I've just joined your wonderful community. I think this is the most comprehensive and accurate site devoted to spreading good information on the use of MJ.

My first experience with this wonderful medicine happened in a Middle Eastern country. It was a small piece of hash. I can tell you that I didn't like it. Frankly, I was too paranoid to be able to enjoy it. The next time I had a serious encounter with MJ was when I was in the first year of College, but I was taking it concurrently with other medication, and, that just made me sick.

Now, I smoke whenever I feel sad, or angry or just plain bored. I love the way time just slows down. I can think so much better and when I listen to music, man, I can almost see it!

It gives clarity to my thoughts, helps me see things in a new light and all round, I think it just makes me a better person. On another note, its also indirectly helping me cut down on smoking.

I love this plant and love the people who love it! Thank you everyone for all the wonderful information on this site.
Welcome to 420, you have landed at a great site. If you are interested in growing you'll find very helpful people here.
I am interested in growing my own plants. And the info here is amazing! Thank you all for creating such a wonderful community!:goodjob:

Welcome to 420magazine! Have a look around this bountiful forum full of useful information and welcoming members. We're here to help on any question you may have. Good luck in your endeavors.

:yummy: :thanks::420::high-five:

P.S. Here's a good spot to start perusing. 420 The Grow Room
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