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Help me pick a strain! Cab+CFL+Sativa


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Help me find the perfect strain!

I'm a sativa kind of guy. Laughing, energetic, yes. Couch lock, stupidity, paranoia, no. It's very important I avoid these things for me to have a good time. I love to listen to music so the cerebral high that goes well would be great.

I'm looking to go 1 or 2 plants in a cabinet, CFL. I'll scrog if the strain requires.

I was thinking C99, but what does everyone here recommend?


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That might be a good choice as most of our beloved Sativas are long and skinny(not really good for indoor cultivation) and from what I have read c-99 is smaller and more tightly budded. Can't say about the buzz though.If I were you I would look to the Sativa Seed bank for good heady strains. Just watch the THC content in your Sativas, as really high THC levels in Sativa will have you hiding in your closet way B4 an indica will.
You might want to try Hawaiian Snow from Greenhouse seeds, supposed to be really good stuff. Any haze varieties are mostly Sative but are very strong(too high = too paranoid).
Soma works in only Sativas grown organically for a really good high and good plant structures.
Just remember growing Sativas comes at a cost. they stretch a lot!! and take forever to finish!!!
C-99 is supposed to finish in 6 weeks of budding(this makes me think that it is not a pure Sativa and will not buzz you up like one.)
I have never grown it(c-99) or smoked it. N-cal cyclist has experience with it so maybe he will speak on it's buzz.
Kali-mist is supposed to be good,Skunk#1 is mostly Sativa and gives a great party type buzz(fun and energetic)
If you have ever gotten a really good bag of mexican there will probably be some really good breeding parents somewhere in those seeds.(ever hear of Michocan,Acapulco gold,Oaxacan ? )
There used to be great Sativas all over( Jamaican, Hawaiian,Mexican ,Columbian , panama red ,Thai,monkey paw) now sadly only mostly Indica crap that puts you to sleep.
Check out Dj shorts line as he is more like us in our buzz preferences(high(sativas)not stoned(indicas)
There should be a good choice for you if you investigate it thoroughly.


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I've had me some SSH, but it was too stoney for my tastes. I've settled on Nepalese Jam from Ace seeds for this grow. It's supposed to have a shorter structure. I'll check out that hawaiian snow.

Thanks for the replies, hopefully other members will find this threat helpful, too.


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Sativa dominant plants arent the best in cabs.....I would stick with a Indica dominant plant.
it will be shorter flowering...... I know you like the Sativa high...so do I but its not the best choice. just my 2 cents


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maybe try an 80/20 like blueberry good plant grows well in both soil and hydro.might do well for you

Damn I was thinking the same the same thing Pit some Bluberry or maybe some White Widow 60/40 for a little more Sativa kick, they can be kept short with topping and light lst.


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Am growing in a tent and here are the choices So far first tier i made last night 2nd tier i made after looking at this thread. sorry for using your thread hoping this might help you there is a indica strain in there that is blueberry :)




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