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Help needed! Nute burn on 7 Autos


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Hi everyone so here is my setup

Bay 6 vegging tent, moving to new built room in the next week or so

1000w mars led probably about 450w true but neither here nor there as borrowed from a friend and 600w hps alongside in flower.

Current stage - 3 weeks old

Nutes - Canna a&b, Rhizotonic, Cannazym, Shogun Cal- mag

I have been having nutrient problems since the beginning and gave them pretty bad nute burn once when they had their second feed and then flushed twice. Dialled back the nutes and tried again and gave them less but still some nute burn. I decided to do some more research and found a tested schedule to go on. I dialled back the nutes on what was recommended for his 3rd week as I was nervous and 3 hours after feeding I have noticed browning tips already.... :(

This is what I fed them
Everything is per litre

1.5ml Canna A&B
.5ml Rhizotonic
1.5ml Cannazym
1.5ml Cal mag

Fed till 15-20% run off.
H20 -0.7ec
After nutes 1.9

Am I right in saying that I gave a feed with the strength of 1.2?

All lower leaf burn caused by stupid mistakes in the beginning with no EC meter

New browning on top just hours after! :(

Should I flush again?

I don't quite understand how I keep getting it so wrong, I have read a tonne of auto diaries in the past few days and I don't seem to be over feeding when I compare to them...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Camera battery just died so I will update tomorrow with pics and I guess once the feed has settled in! :(

Fingers crossed for no more burn!!


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What's the growing medium (soil, coco, hydro)? If soil, is it super soil (pre-fertilized)? Temp, humidity? Enough ventilation, exhaust?
When did you start feeding nutes?
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